One to One Writing Sessions

“Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted”.

Jules Renard

Keeping a journal is the best way to talk without being interrupted. Your journal becomes your best friend, your sounding board where you can revert back to it and see what you were thinking and how you have moved on (or not as the case may be).

In one to one sessions I suggest writing activities involving journal writing. I support the individual in ways where they can use writing to help them tap into their emotions in order to become aware of  the inner workings of the mind.

Together, through a course of sessions, we unravel these thought processes and begin to put in place more helpful ways of thinking, to promote better feelings.


“The writing exercises are so simple to do, but I gained so much once I was able to let go and was totally true to myself. If you ignore the voice which says what you ought to be writing and listen to your inner voice then you are able to gain so much insight into why you are feeling down, upset, unsure of things. With this realisation healing is allowed to occur naturally.
What I particularly liked about this healing is the fact that I was in charge all of the time. Christina is always there to support you should you need it, suggest ideas in a non-intrusive way, so that you are totally in charge of your own healing.
I was amazed when I was able to reveal my innermost feelings, and what they told me about my life. Christina gently guides you along you way and she instinctively knows what tools to give you. Even when I struggled, she was so gentle and made little changes to my sessions to help me along my healing path.
Thank you Christina”
Sarah Derrington, co-founder of Health & Happiness magazine
Contact me if you would like more information on one to one sessions.  A 20 minutes consultation is free where we will discuss what is involved and whether this is the right form of writing therapy for you.
Sessions are via email, Skype, messenger or face to face available at different venues.

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