Disconnect to Reconnect




I am not sure who you are but I know you ARE.

There has been so much hidden from our vision.

But not from our hearts even though

This is a constant war to corrupt our

True essence of our being.

Our children are born to a multitude

Of toxins, hours from breathing their first breath.

They are thrust into the world of too much harshness:

Too noisy, too bright, too intense.

Cut off from the warmth and safety of the mother’s womb

Then left in the care of depressed, neurotic, traumatised adults

Who in fact are all traumatised children.

Following you-tube channels on how to bring

Up baby, how to toilet train baby,

How to discipline baby.

All the while becoming lost in the disconnect.

Pumping them and themselves with false foods, false gods and false teachings

Screened at our touch or thought or voice,

‘Alexa what do I need to do next?’

We reward ourselves for the turmoil by having that piece of chocolate cake,

That frothy large latte with cream and sprinkles,

that dress or top,

That week away in the sun,

or 5 minutes in the bath

Before the same starts again

Over and over,

Checking in with tik tok at the latest dance formation,

The trendiest recipe,

How to grow seeds in bananas.

And meme after meme based on what the algorithm

Has worked out you need,

-How to avoid a narcissist

-Are you ADHD?

-plaiting hair

-cute cats.

That is how you learn about yourself and the world

From inside a screen.

And the games are our release,


Animal farm and the rest.

Constant news

‘Oh! I don’t watch the BBC.’

But you watch it in bite size reels.

You are bombarded in a multitude

Of second sized information



You can do this exercise for anxiety,

You can pull this arm,

Scratch this spot,

Say that.

We are in a trance,

Even the ones that say they are not.

We are being controlled,

And we are the ones that have given the permission.

Read the privacy and terms and conditions.

Ha! Who does that?

Well I do.

But who really does?

Play station have a new virtual gadget so that,

We can live our lives more disconnected

From the world.

But that is not even needed.

We are not living.

If we are not living.

Life is simple.

We are complicating it all.

Look at nature.

What gives life?

Sun, water, air and love

Good nutrition



Reconnect with these simple

But profound ingredients

And there is the healing

For all of mankind’s ills.


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