Healing to Become New

Maybe you’re not healing because you’re trying to be who you were before trauma. That person doesn’t exist anymore- there is a new you, trying to be born. Breathe life into that person. Anonymous I have not written a blog for a long time. My life has taken another trajectory. I still mentor clients 1:1 … More Healing to Become New

Writing in Depression

Low mood, lethargy, panic attacks and generally feeling  miserable, are not the ideal emotions to attempt expressive writing. Even so, once pen is put to paper, writing can be rewarding and therapeutic. What I suggest in my book, from my own experience with depression and also with my one to ones, is to take a piece … More Writing in Depression

Why write?

For someone who finds writing as much a necessity as breathing, it is difficult for me to believe that others do not feel the same. So here I will try and convince all those who don’t write, why they should try it. We all have learnt how to write at school at some point. We … More Why write?