The Power of Metaphor


“We meet ourselves time and time again in a thousand disguises on the path of life”

Carl Jung

I love Fairy Tales!

There is something safe in fairy tales, even if there is a baddie lurking in the woods or in the deep chambers of a castle. The characters and themes in these seemingly innocent children’s stories are steeped in symbolism. Each character has an aspect of what we believe to be true about ourselves or others.

The enchantment and promise of a happily ever after sets our psyche at peace. In other words, we may worry for the princess and even be scared of the witch but at the back of our minds we know that all will end well – somehow.

Who is your favourite character?

Are you the princess who has been cursed to live in a tower by the wicked witch, until her prince charming comes to save her?

Or maybe, you are the wicked witch who is manipulating circumstances for her own gain.

By looking at each character in a fairy tale we can soon see the obvious and not so obvious similarities in ourselves or others in our lives. But for our own healing if we concentrate on who we relate to in the story and unpick the similarities, we can tap into the workings of our soul.

Everything speaks to us; people in our lives,our environment, buildings, animals, nature.

So what does the tower mean where the princess is locked away in?

What does the witch symbolise to you?

Is it your fear of not being in control? Of not trusting in the flow of life?

Next time you read a fairy tale to your children or yourself, look deeper…you may recognise yourself in the story!

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