Writing for wellbeing

Wellbeing in the City of Birmingham A wellbeing pop up incentive has been offering therapies and activities for people working in the City centre. Today, I gave a writing for wellbeing taster, on the topic of mental health. We wrote a group poem on emotions, exploring how all emotions are ‘messages’ giving us an opportunity … More Writing for wellbeing

Trauma and using Fairy tale to Heal

It has been well documented and researched that expressive writing- emotional writing- can promote emotional relief with releasing deep-seated feelings from past trauma.  As a therapeutic technique, where the therapist/practitioner is seeing the client as in counselling, tailored writing techniques can be given, gently monitoring the progress of the client. Expressive writing by its design … More Trauma and using Fairy tale to Heal

Menopause at 3 am

It is 3 am sitting with my cat feeling hungry, angry, itchy, flushed, wired, tired and fired up with ideas. I crawled into bed before 11 pm and fell asleep after reading two words from a book (about menopause). Then by 1.30 am I was hot flushing, itching, tossing and turning, throwing the covers off, … More Menopause at 3 am

Writing to heal difficult relationships

How can you use journaling to heal difficult relationships? Can this tool even be used successfully? It can be used to address unforgiveness especially in past relationships where there have been things left unsaid, grievances which have just been left unresolved. Writing unsent letters are perfect for getting all that needs to be said in … More Writing to heal difficult relationships

Tell a New Story

I had a one card reading the other day from a facebook friend. The guidance was that I should tell a new story – that if I start to think and talk about myself in a new way, I may be amazed at how much and how quickly my life can change. Exactly! That’s what … More Tell a New Story

Write Therapy on T.V

On 14th October, I was invited to share my story on the Chrissy B Show – a refreshing chat show dedicated to mental health and wellbeing topics. It is hosted by Chrissy B, a down-to-earth presenter, who inspires you to be happy and stay positive! I was pleased with how Write Therapy was introduced and promoted as … More Write Therapy on T.V