Disconnect to Reconnect

God. Creator. Overseer. I am not sure who you are but I know you ARE. There has been so much hidden from our vision. But not from our hearts even though This is a constant war to corrupt our True essence of our being. Our children are born to a multitude Of toxins, hours from … More Disconnect to Reconnect

Midnight Thoughts

It is late, I am tired but wired. I should sleep, What I have to say will keep. No! thoughts are fleeting My heart is beating Louder and louder in my ears But no one else hears. Oh I can, thump! thump! thump! Crashing against my rib cage Roaring with rage Breathe In Breathe out … More Midnight Thoughts

What is Success?

Success is being invited into other people’s worlds I ran my first face to face workshop yesterday, the first one since March 2020. I had been mulling over what I was going to deliver, for the past week. My dreams were filled with ideas: examples of what I had used before in workshops, mixed with … More What is Success?

Writing for wellbeing

Wellbeing in the City of Birmingham A wellbeing pop up incentive has been offering therapies and activities for people working in the City centre. Today, I gave a writing for wellbeing taster, on the topic of mental health. We wrote a group poem on emotions, exploring how all emotions are ‘messages’ giving us an opportunity … More Writing for wellbeing

Trauma and using Fairy tale to Heal

It has been well documented and researched that expressive writing- emotional writing- can promote emotional relief with releasing deep-seated feelings from past trauma.  As a therapeutic technique, where the therapist/practitioner is seeing the client as in counselling, tailored writing techniques can be given, gently monitoring the progress of the client. Expressive writing by its design … More Trauma and using Fairy tale to Heal

Menopause at 3 am

It is 3 am sitting with my cat feeling hungry, angry, itchy, flushed, wired, tired and fired up with ideas. I crawled into bed before 11 pm and fell asleep after reading two words from a book (about menopause). Then by 1.30 am I was hot flushing, itching, tossing and turning, throwing the covers off, … More Menopause at 3 am