My letter to 20 year old me

20 years oldDear Christina,

I am writing to you from 29 years in the future. So far your life has been a series of episodes, where you haven’t felt much control. For the past year you have felt a freedom that you haven’t felt before, or have felt since. You lived away from home, with relatives, but none the less, away from the ‘problems’ that surrounded your family.

You have had time to think and experience life at your pace, choosing a path of your making. You are beginning to feel comfortable in your own skin, your own style and individuality. You have challenged out-dated beliefs passed on from culture and tradition, living amongst other ways of life.

But the pull of family is strong and you will return home. This will see you relinquishing your new-found freedom and settle back into the ‘better the devil’ you know, routine. You will give your power away to thoughts of how you should be and what you should do as a good ‘Cypriot girl’.

My advice to you Christina, my dear 20 year old self, is remember that feeling of freedom you experienced in that year. Hold on to it, no matter what anyone says. You are a good girl and even if you aren’t it is OK. You are OK.

Remember to have fun; smile; laugh from deep inside your soul, with those who get you. They are your cheering squad, your partners in crime. You may lose touch as you grow and part ways, even so remember the moments, the memories. These can act as triggers to bring you back to self.

You will take some roads where life will lead you away from your truths. You will lose sight of who you are. There will be joys though, even if at the time they may be shrouded with darkness, the light is still shining behind all the heartache.

Hold on to your dreams. Trust in your intuition – follow it – what you are feeling is real. Knowledge and logic is good but without the backing of the heart it is empty and it will make you feel lacking, wanting something more.

Another important thing to remember Christina is don’t be afraid to love. Open your heart, do not keep it locked away in fear of it breaking. It will break, it will break wide open and even though that will hurt, it will allow more light to enter. This is where the healing will begin.

Be strong, be courageous, be vulnerable. What is more remember the real you.

Love you

Christina x








3 thoughts on “My letter to 20 year old me

  1. There are some things that we just don’t know or cannot fully understand until we’ve grown older. If only the younger me had been given the advice that you have given to your younger, 20 year old self. ♡


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