Write 2016, re-drafting all the way!!

Happy New Year!

As a new year comes I think of my New Year’s resolutions, like most people do. I look through my journals of the past 12 months and see if my hopes and desires have materialised.

More often than not, what I had set out to do with good intentions, changed course, sometimes for the better and sometimes not so good…or so it seems.

Life is not linear, we are not separate entities who can manipulate the world to suit us. Of course we can try to make our living environment a sanctuary, we can choose relationships that give love and build us up, but most of the time we get carried away in the melting pot of the collective.

We do not choose our families for one, and especially at the Christmas period we are thrown together bringing out old insecurities and laments. Then the new year turns and we all get back to our lives, promising ourselves to do it better, faster, differently etc etc.

I wrote a candid post in my blog angel guided  called Ride the Wave of Change. I share how even when we have good intentions on starting a fresh in whatever it may be, change is constant. It is our choice what we do with it – fight it or ‘ride the wave of change’.

I wish everyone the courage and faith to write your new year… but also to be prepared to re-draft it…as many times as is needed…taking characters out, adding new ones in and updating who you are with each wave of change.


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