Listen to the body

I have been going through a ‘dark night of the soul’ for the last couple of months. I had a fall at work and bruised my ribs. Unable to go back to work I’ve had time to think and contemplate on my life.

I see life symbolically. Of course when I fell, I did not automatically think that there was a message there, I was in too much pain and quite embarrassed. Who wants to be seen land on their behind especially as I work in Primary school and all the children were watching this adult seem powerless? I remember being worried that the children would be frightened if I showed any pain. I put on a brave face letting the reception class know I was OK.

So what have I been learning?

Well other than life can seem unfair sometimes, it is also quite amazing how it always finds a way to make us wake up from our slumber. Nothing is random, nothing happens by chance, there is always a reason even if we do not know what that reason is.

Rubbish I hear some naysayers mutter? You fell and hurt your ribs, there is no mystical explanation.

I admit I felt sorry for myself for a couple of weeks, well maybe more especially when I haven’t been able to sleep with the pain. And being stuck at home didn’t help. And I didn’t care about any woowoo explanations.

After the initial ‘woe is me’, I decided to take my power back from the situation and look into what message was being conveyed through my body.
I have studied the mind-body connection for some while now and know that when we are not listening to the cues our emotions are sending, our body will either start to yell louder by presenting an illness or an accident occurs where we are rendered immobile.

In this way we are made to stop our routines and give ourselves the time to heal. Now, this sounds straight forward, we all know that when we are run down,we usually get a cold etc. Well exactly, we already know what happens, but do we join up the dots?

We are run down, we are stressed, we are out of balance. What do we do?
We take our pain killers, drink our lemon and honey and try to speed our recovery to carry on with our normal routine. We have to as who will pay the bills, feed the kids, do the shopping etc?

Do we actually listen or take note to what the cold is trying to tell us, or more importantly what our body is screaming out?
Even if we do listen, like I do, we ignore the messages because of all the above.

Back to my fall and rib injury. Well I had no choice but to listen. It was like my poor guardian angel had to orchestrate something loud enough so I would listen. I am sure she was there when I fell, as my fall could have been worse.

So, here I was sitting uncomfortably with my pain, both physically and metaphorically. I began to dig out all my books and notes on what this could mean. So following is the metaphysical meaning I derived from the situation:

I am angry with myself and others especially in situations where I have given my power away. I do not feel seen or heard not being able to express myself, speak my truth, walk my truth (this explains the throat infections I was getting prior to the fall). As the injury is to the right side of the body which is the masculine side, the giving side. Where had I given too much of myself or where have I not been giving? Am I out of balance, especially with the giving and receiving? Had I not been honored for the energy I was expending with enough respect, money, worth?

As my awareness expanded I began to notice that everything and everyone had a message for me, if I allowed it to come into my consciousness. I’d open a page in a book and I’d read something that felt was just for me. I’d be watching TV and again someone said something that resonated. I’d see messages on car registrations, notice double digit numbers as I was thinking about these synchronicities.

I incorporated meditations, breath work, walking in nature, writing affirmations and journalling my inspirations into my daily healing routine. I began to keep a gratitude diary, writing three things that I was grateful each day. These are not new things for me, I have done them many times before, I have even written them in my book Write Therapy, but life had taken over lately and I had lost touch with myself and my practices that connect me to me and my higher self.

So the ‘dark night of the soul’ turned out to be an initiation to remember who I really am, what I really desire and re-learn how to create that. I am still working this out and as I travel on this journey, I come across resistance which is another message letting me know that for there to be resistance, I am building enough momentum as I move forward.

Once you see your life through symbolic eyes, you cannot remain in the dark. We are not just hapless beings in the great cosmos. We are inter-connected beings lighting up the darkness for ourselves and others.

If you would like to know more about using symbolic sight to heal your life and create a life you desire you can book a 1:1 mentoring session with me.

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