Lockdown – A New Year

A New Year

2020 gone

But the effects remain

COVID19; social distancing, tiers, masks

Loved ones apart

Work at home

And home school

Restrictions, limitations, isolations too.

Vaccinations have begun

People asking

Are you having one?

Not mandating they say

But if you don’t have one

How will you ‘play’

In this life?

The New Year

Crisp and new

What will it bring?

Does it have a pre-written

Script or can we

Write a new one?

Questions, uncertainties

Isn’t that life?

Reminded by the media

of how many

Have died.

Discussions on social media

conspiracies or debates?

In the meantime

I still pursue my dreams

My clients say they benefit

from my craft.

I need to step up

my self care too.

2021 time to move on

I choose to look

at positives and

what I am for.

Keep safe, keep well

Remember together

We are strong

Covid be gone!

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